Superintendent Update

School District of Brodhead COVID-19 update: 9-24-20

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Good Morning and I hope all is well.  There was some issues last week with a message that we believe was sent out from a different school district and confused with our messages.  For future reference, any text messages that come from us will state “Brodhead School District” and have my name in it.  The text message will ask you to check your email for information.  Any change in instructional plans would come through District email with a text telling you to check your email.  If you are concerned or confused about information you hear/see, please contact a school official, look at our website, or check the District Facebook page. 

2020-21 School Year: 

  • At last night’s meeting the Board voted to continue in Plan A, (traditional face to face), for ES/MS. The HS will stay in Plan C until September 30.They will come back to school in Plan B, (50% occupancy), at the HS only starting October 1.
  • Starting October 1: Plan B at the HS only, Cohort A (Mondays/Thursdays), would be last names starting between A-LE; Cohort B (Tuesdays/Fridays), would be last names starting with LO-Z.Remember that in Plan B Wednesdays will be a virtual learning/work day at home for all HS students.Also remember that attendance will be taken every day, every period, for all students whether they are face to face or virtual.

Food Service:

Updated Statistics: 2020-21 School Year:

  • 23 total students tested positive for COVID-19.
  • 147 students/staff that have been considered close contacts.
  • 30 students sent home with symptoms.
  • Attendance rates: (Approximate) Elementary - 90%, Middle - 97%, and High School - 98%.These are the percentages for September 16-22.

I have been able to get out in the schools and it has been amazing to see how the students and staff are adapting to this situation.  Taking everything into consideration, the first month has gone very well overall.  We have had to address several situations and make some adjustments, but with everyone’s cooperation, we continue to move forward.  Not sure when, but there will be a day that we will look back at this time and be proud of what we were able to accomplish.

Thanks and stay safe.
Leonard Lueck
Brodhead Superintendent