Brodhead Middle School Physical Education


1) To reduce the percentage of childhood obesity.

2) To help the students achieve or maintain a healthy weight and level of fitness.

3) To teach students life-long activity.

4) To teach the students the importance of being physically active.

5) To teach the students the 5 components of fitness.

The Focus of BMS Physical Education Program

The 5 Components of Fitness

1) Muscular Strength

2) Muscular Endurance

3) Cardiovascular Endurance

4) Flexibility

5) Body Composition

We also focus on training the studentsin allaspects ofsports and fitness, such as; speed, endurance, strength, agility, balance,flexibility, plyometrics, quickness, reaction, and core strength.

In order for us to achieve this we start our classes with fitness stations.

Monday- Flexibility

Tuesday -Speed and Strength

Wednesday - Plyometrics, Balance, and Agility

Thursday - Quickness andReaction

Friday - Core Strength

Fitness Gram Testing

The Fitness Gram Test, checks to see if the students are in the healthy zone, need to improve, or exceeds in each area of fitness.

Fitness Gram Test

1) Height and Weight

2) Pacer

3) 1 mile run

4) Push ups

5) Sit ups

6) Flexed arm hang or pull ups

7) Shoulder stretch

8) Single leg hamstring stretch