Welcome to Physical Education at Brodhead Middle School!


1) To reduce the percentage of childhood obesity.

2) To help the students achieve or maintain a healthy weight and level of fitness.

3) To teach students life-long activity.

4) To teach the students the importance of being physically active.

5) To teach the students the components of fitness.


1) The Components of Health-Related Fitness

2) The Components of Skill-Related Fitness

3) Team & Individual Sports

Fitness Gram Testing

The Fitness Gram Tests check to see if the students are in the healthy zone, needs to improve, or exceeds in each area of the 5 components of fitness. The tests build a habit of "checking in" on one's health now and in the future. 

1) Height and Weight

2) Pacer

3) 1 mile run

4) Push ups

5) Sit ups

6) Flexed arm hang or pull ups

7) Shoulder stretch

8) Single leg hamstring stretch