Group Member Obligations

"Guys & Dolls"

1.) All rehearsals and performances are mandatory! Look at the schedule and plan as there will be no cutting out. You are making a commitment to us and your partner and of course, that's the way it should be!

2.) No cell phones while on duty! It is extremely irritating when you are supposed to be working on something like at "In the Spotlight" and you are attached to your cell phone. This year, it will be taken away until the "gig is up!"

3.) All 4th hour rehearsals will begin at the bell. If you are not where you belong, you will be marked absent or tardy. Show Band members are expected to rehearse in the choir room, not in the band room unless otherwise arranged. Do not help yourselves to band equipment. Most rehearsals will be combined rehearsals on the stage.

4.) Know the rehearsal schedule. Be responsible! Know when things are happening and be on time. Complaining is not a constructive way of getting things accomplished! There is always confusion as to what is going on and when. Your child should know. The month's schedule is always on the chalkboard in my room as well as posted on the bulletin board outside of the choir room. You have received school calendars, a music booster calendar, and my list of dates. All members need to be responsible!

5.) Members are responsible for the care and cleanliness of performance attire. Costumes will be issued at the beginning of the year. Be very truthful in your sizing. If there is a repair that needs to be done, please take care of it or contact Mrs. Calhoon. If things fail to come back, or come back defective; students will be charged replacement cost of that garment. The upkeep of costumes last year was great! Thank you to those who have volunteered to wash clothing after an invitational. I really do try and rotate around the group. When a competition is complete, we unpack on the following Monday. The clothing is then available for laundering. Please help!

6.) All rules are applicable as explained in the Brodhead High School Co-Curricular Handbook. You are required to attend a code meeting with a parent as presented at the beginning of the school year. Agree and comply, please! All members have a real power to hurt the group if they don't take the time to understand the policies and penalties. Students have a responsibility to each other.

7.) All female members will have the same dance tites and briefs. They will be provided. All girls will be issued earrings and will be financially responsible for lost ones. Men will not wear earrings during performances. Glasses are also not to be worn during competition if possible. Competition is not the time to make individual fashion statements. Please keep this in mind when coloring and cutting hair. Unnatural colors and styles will keep you off the stage. Men will be clean shaven for performances and competitions. Mutton-chops(long side-burns) will not be permitted. Hair will be cut, well-trimmed, and gelled for performance and competition. Long fro-like styles will not be allowed. There will be no long, shaggy, disruptive looking hairstyles. Bangs will be cut and gelled as to not cover the face at all. Bobbi pins will also not be permitted in the men's styling. Those days are long gone!

8.) Official "Guys & Dolls" T-Shirts are required of each and every member; performer, band, and crew. Parents are more than welcome to purchase clothing as well. All group members will be wearing the same yearly shirt at each and every competition. There will be no strays nor will the shirts be covered up with sweatshirts, etc. You are to be identifiable.

9.) Members are responsible for the cost of their own dance shoes.

10.) When travel cost is a factor, all members will bear responsibility equally. *A letter pertaining to any given years' travel plans and expenses will be sent home.

11.) Fund raising may be a necessary thing and I have a track record of asking very little. Please do your part when working on "In the Spotlight" and the "Pasta Performance."

12.) All members will be responsible for assigned tasks and objects when packing and unpacking in traveling to various invitationals and programs. Slackers can't be tolerated.

13.) When at said invitationals or programs, students will not be allowed to sign out to ride home with a parent until his or her responsibility is taken care of and the trailer is packed. Attendance is always taken when we are done. Students who do more are always appreciated, but everyone needs to do their share.

14.) We need parents to pull the trailer. Please check out the list of dates and let me know when you might be able to pull the trailer. It would be great if some show choir dad would take charge and arrange the whole year so that I never have to think about it and then go "a begin'" the night before. PLEASE??????!!!!!!

15.) Mr. Calhoon has some "extra" rules that he employs during the school year. I feel that these rules are important to the well-being and reputation of the group.

16.) Parents always mean well, but please do not use homerooms at invitationals as your own personal homerooms. We have enough things to keep track of and there are already too many bodies in those little rooms. Please do not enter, unless you have been asked to help out with a specific assignment or thing.

17.) A $30.00 activity fee is due before the first day of school. Please take care of this when taking care of your other registration responsibilities. Compared to other schools and their charges for participation, we are by far the least expensive!

*Attitude is a subjective thing and is interpreted by the receiver. Be ready to work

together in a positive way for the betterment of this group. You have the power to make

it the best year ever. Do not allow yourself to become a detractor. If you are not up to the

challenge; please step aside and let someone else have the opportunity!

You must be committed to what you are doing when you are doing it! If you are a member of this group, or any group for that matter, you must be committed to do and be your very best; rehearsal and performance. 110% or find another activity to be a part of!

Lead the way you want to be led!

Have a Great Year!!