50 Things to Know Before Entering College

“50 things I wish I had known before entering college” by Jennifer Trussell-Bagley - I found this on a website that is no longer active.

Regarding academics -

  • Keep up with reading assignments daily
  • If you pull an all-nighter you may be too tired to wake up the next morning and too tired to do well on the test
  • The competition is tremendous - in all areas
  • You can't put things off until the last minute
  • Have some idea of what classes to take and how to read a schedule
  • Tests always seem to come in threes
  • I would spend so little time in class and so much time studying after class
  • I should spend more time studying than socializing
  • Doing well means knowing how to study and take notes
  • The professors are not trying to ruin our lives - they're on our side
  • You need to study one hundred times more than in high school

Regarding family back home -

  • I would miss home and my friends
  • My parents would have withdrawal symptoms when I left
  • Every time I called home my parents would ask “how much now?”
  • I would miss my Mom's cooking

Regarding dorm life, friends and your new social life -

  • Dorm rooms are not self-cleaning
  • I would gain 10 pounds from junk food and late night pizza
  • When I have problems with my roommate, I should tell my roommate and not everyone else
  • I should not judge people based on first impressions
  • What I've done in the past doesn't matter
  • People are as friendly as you are to them
  • My underwear will turn pink if I wash it with my red shirt
  • You have to learn to deal with a whole hall of people 24 hours a day and no privacy
  • When I get sick I have to take care of myself
  • At times, my roommate and I would argue
  • It's not as hard to make friends as I thought
  • Some nights I would have sleep with the light on while my roommate studied
  • Even at a “nice” college, kids would still drink and use drugs