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Brodhead High School is pleased to accept nominations for alumni who have brought honor to our community as one of Brodhead’s “Shining Stars”.  Nominations will be considered for any person who graduated from Brodhead High School between 1877-1995.  Nominations will be accepted until January 18, 2019.  We are looking for people who have gone on to achieve outstanding academic accomplishments, have served our community or country in truly outstanding ways, have received national or state recognition for excellence in some area, or have gone on to demonstrate excellence within their vocation. 

Candidates selected for the “Wall of Fame” will be awarded a plaque at a ceremony on Monday March 4, 2019. A second plaque with their photo and a profile of their accomplishments will be placed forever on Brodhead High School’s Wall of Fame for the students and public to view.

Please send nominations to

Wall of Fame Committee, C/O Jim Matthys,

Brodhead High School,

2501 W. 5th Ave.

Brodhead, WI, 53520.


Name of person nominated_________________________________________________

Year of graduation from Brodhead High School_________________________________

Please list accomplishments of person being nominated or reason for nomination ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


Name of person submitting this nomination_______________________________

Phone and address__________________________________________________



Ken Peterson

Peter Newcomer

Sarah Strommen (2000)

Rosemary Iverson (2000)

Kurt Reed (2000)

Kim Reed (2000)

Susan Behrens (2000)

Carl Pfisterer  (2001)

Dr. Edwin Schempp (2001)

Olive Skinner Curruthers (2001)

Colonel Roger Wichelt (2001)

Nathan Burchell (2001)

Rockwell Barnes (2002)

Dan Markham (2002)

Stanley Ruehlow (2003)

James Kjelland (2003)

Dr. James Allen (2004)

James Meyer (2004)

Aunt Bell Harlow (2005)

Dr. Lowell Gretebeck (2005)

Dr. Robert Matzke (2006)

Mack Lake (2007)

Steve Saunders (2007)

Rolf Kletzion (2008)

Gregg Condon (2008)

Thomas Skinner (2009)

Steve Stadelman (2009)

Daphne Holerman (2010)

Herbert Laube (2010)

Kevin Keen (2011)

David Witte (2012)

Aaron Walters (2012)

Don Condon (2013)

Marc Anderson (2013)

Tara Stadelman – Cohen (2014)

Amanda Braun (2015)

Sally McGinty (2016)

Robert Bramble (2017)

Howard Lee (2018)







Jim Chrurch (2005)

Martha Boegli (2005)

Phyllis and Mark Anderson (2007)

Denny and Ann Schwartz (2007)

Paul and Alice Roemer (2008)

Chuck Niles (2010)

Matt McCarville (2012)

Ken & Marcia Petersen (2014)

Steve McNeal (2015)

Dave Cook (2016)

Tom Nipple (2016)

Deb & Jim Huffman (2017)