Pupil Services

Community and School Based Mental Health Partnerships 

Positive Insights, LLC

The Brodhead School District and Positive Insights, LLC have come together to provide greater access to mental health services.

Services are provided by a licensed mental health professional co-located within the Brodhead School District. For more information about our partnership please contact Erin Olheiser MA,LPC at 608-291-0107. 

Brodhead High School Mental Health Supports

Green County Mental Health Groups

Brodhead High School has a licensed counselor from Green County Mental Health (Monroe, WI) coming to Brodhead once per week to facilitate 2 lunch groups. 

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Groups

Brodhead High School currently has a licensed counselor from the LSS agency who comes to BHS every Wednesday.  This counselor completes needs assessments with individual students, helps the student establish goals for counseling, and can work with a student for 10 sessions per semester (for free).  LSS services are similar to what the counselor or school psychologist can offer and can be a good option for students who would like to work with a counselor who’s not part of our school (some students find that LSS seems more private), or for students who want to try a “new” person if they’ve already worked with our school pupil services team.

For more information please contact Jennifer Flory at 608-897-2155 ext.130