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Scholarships vary with criteria, major, college, service, and extra curricular activities. Students should access the following 4 areas to get the most information regarding scholarships: 1) their intended college, 2) free and legitimate scholarship searches (several listed below), 3) non-local scholarship information from their high school counselor (register to receive my group emails), and 4) Brodhead specific local scholarships (not included on this list and available in March). 

Note - my group email list and Facebook page is more inclusive than the list below. 


Scholarships are available in the counseling office.  They are listed according to due dates.  Students are responsible for knowing specifics about due dates and are strongly encouraged to submit materials early.

C = good for 4 year college

T = good for technical college

No deadline: Tip Grant applications are in the high school guidance office. Not all items need to be mailed at the same time. Start the application process early. Need based. See Mrs. Flory with questions.

Other Resources: Scroll to the bottom if you don’t want to begin by completing a questionnaire.  Click on scholarships by type for more info. Just as this says, but please read the disclaimer.  Note that other scholarships are available for students for these colleges, and for colleges not listed.  It pays to look and contact the schools.

Please check the colleges you are applying to for freshmen scholarships.  You may find this information on their websites typically under financial aid/scholarships.


Wendy’s High School Heisman Award – apply online at, based on academics, athletics, leadership, be one of the first 25,000 to apply and receive a give card just for applying. CT 10/04


Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship – based on achievement in academics, music, athletics, extra curriculars, community, and a personal essay. Requires an essay and 3 letters of recommendation (very specific details need to be followed). CT 11/03

2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Award – based on community service project, all students may apply, school selects one candidate from applicants for judging, all applicants must apply online at .  CT 11/07

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship -  based on academics, community service, leadership, extra curriculars, and financial need. Male and female applicants are judged seperately, there are regional, state and national awards. CT 11/27


Landmark Scholarship - for students whose family are members of Landmark, preference given to kids going into ag-related fields (think broadly), app must be received by December 1st,  12/01 CT

Brodhead Optimist Oratorical Contest – speech contest open to students in all grades, application deadline is December 15th, but the contest date (reading) is January 15th at the Brodhead Library. This year’s theme is ‘Where are my roots of optimism?’ Limited people tend to compete so this is an excellent opportunity for those who are willing to give this a try!! CT 12/15

Mr. and Mrs. George W Taylor Foundation University of MN Twin Cities scholarship - must major in engineering, must attend the U of MN Twin Cities campus (note early application deadline in December), must rank in top 10% of class, must have 30 ACT composite with a 29+ math subscore, C 12/29


Rock Energy Cooperative – must receive your power from Rock Energy Cooperative, the online application must be completed by January 3rd, the counselor form (you must tell me) needs to be completed and received by January 12 CT 1/12

UW Steven Point Trytten Scholarship – must major in chemistry C 1/31


Wisconsin Professional Police Association – must major in criminal justice, police science, or a legal field (not a lawyer) at either a 4-year or technical college CT 2/01

Home Grown Scholarship – good for 2-year, tech, or 4-year program in agriculture, CT 2/02

Mercyhealth Scholarships - for students pursuing health care majors. Please see me to have an applicaiton packet emailed to you. App must be received at Mercy in Janesville no later than February 9th. 2/09 CT

Delta Theta Sigma – Must attend UW Madison 2/15 C

Wisconsin Cattlewomen’s and Cattlewomen’s Scholarship – must have a background in beef, veal or dairy, do not have to major in agriculture, good for 2-year, tech, 4-year or UW Short Course,  CT 2/19

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Green County – must have been a big or little at some point,  CT 2/22

Monroe Clinic Volunteers in Partnership – must pursue a health related careers, scroll down and click on 2018 branch scholarship app. CT 2/28


St. Vincent du Paul – for students pursuing a technical college degree. App available in guidance office. T 3/01

Green County Fall Nationals – student must have participated in some sort of community service or volunteering. Requires an essay (500 words) CT 3/01

Gasser True Value Hardware – must pursue agriculture or business, one Brodhead student will receive this providing they meet criteria, good for 2-year, tech or 4-year, application is available in Mrs. Flory’s office. CT 3/01

Alvin X and Rose Buholzer Scholarship – must attend Blackhawk Technical College,  T 3/01

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Scholarship - must attend a Lutheran College, e.g. Concordia in Mequon, WI,  C 3/01

Green Haven Family Advocates/Geraldine Newman Memorial – pursue a service related career (education, police science, fire safety, counseling or social work, etc…),  CT 3/01

John and Becky Wegmueller ‘Abenteuer’ Scholarship – must be in the top 10% of class, demonstrated service, CT 3/01

Jim Vondra Memorial – must have done community service, write a 500 word essay on the benefits of community service ‘The dividends of serving others’, app must be postmarked by March 2nd,  CT 3/02

Pearl City Agriculture 1stmust pursue ag related career/major, app must be postmarked by 3/02 CT 3/02

Rock County HCE Scholarship – student must live in Rock County, pursue a service related career/major e.g. nursing, mental health (counseling, psych, social work), police science or criminal justice, fire safety, education, etc… CT 3/16

Tyler’s Team Scholarship – several scholarships available, criteria includes 2-time varsity letter earner (athletics), community service, and leadership CT 3/30

Green County HCE – for students pursuing any post high school education, app available in guidance office CT 3/30

Schardt Orthodontics  - must have a full set of braces from this orthodontist, 24+ ACT composite, write a 1000 word essay on the value of a smile. J apps due by CT 3/31


Harry H Bliss Memorial Scholarship - preference given to students pursuing journalism or communications, writing, marketing, news photography, etc… must be at the address on the application no later than April 1 C 4/01

SCWBA (South Central Wisconsin Builders Association) Scholarship -  must pursue a career in the building industry – think broadly. CT 4/01

Jessica Joy Arnold Memorial Scholarship – preference given to those who have participated in 4-H or the Arabian Horse Association, CT 4/15

Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial – must be an art major,  C 4/28


Blackhawk Technical College Foundation Scholarship - Must plan to attend BTC in the fall, have at least a 2.5 grade point average. Application may be found at  Please read instructions and look at criteria considered when completing the application. Use additional paper if necessary in order to type answers that are lengthy. T 5/01

October (2018):

AES Engineering Scholarship – do NOT have to major in engineering, based on character and an essay,  C 10/06