Co-curricular activities are activities in which students appear, perform and/or compete as representatives of Brodhead High School. These activities include Athletics, FFA, Show Choir, Jazz Band, Cheerleading, Forensics, Musicals, School Plays, Student Council, Class Officers, and Youth to Youth.  For the purpose of this code, service-oriented clubs, student publications and internal student groups are excluded.  Activities in which students represent Brodhead High School as an extension of specific course are governed by the student handbook and the Brodhead High School disciplinary code and are not considered co-curricular activities.  Show Choir is governed by both this code and the student handbook.

Brodhead High School is committed to offering a wide variety of activities.  While difficult to measure, the educational value of co-curricular participation is extensive.  Students not only develop physical, mental and social skills, but also develop positive values and attitudes that they will take with them into their adult life.

Co-curriculars provide the opportunity for those truly gifted and talented to develop to the highest level possible.

Parent Meeting Required

All parents of students involved in code activities must attend a meeting before their son/ daughter can be eligible to participate.  The code must then be signed by the parent and handed in to the coach or advisor.  This must be done by one parent, once a year.  If a parent cannot attend one of the three meetings they need to contact the Athletic Director to schedule a private meeting.

Fostering a Good Parent – Coach Relationship.

·        Communication is the key for everyone to be successful.  Coaches should communicate to players and parents.  Parents need to communicate to coaches.

·        Never talk to a coach directly following a contest unless it is positive.  Talk the following day and please contact them while they are in school and set up a time to talk.  Our coaches are very busy while in season and calling them at home takes away from the small amount of family time they have.

·        Playing time issues should be addressed in the following steps:

1.      Have your son or daughter talk to the coach and express their concerns.

2.      Set up a meeting with the coach, yourself, and your son or daughter must also be present.

3.      Contact the Athletic Director and express the concern.

4.      Contact the Principal.                            

·        Any concerns about the coaches other than playing time should be directed to the Athletic Director.

·        The goal of all coaches is the same as you as a parent.  They want to help the athletes achieve their goals and learn to prepare for life’s lessons.

Students participating in co-curricular activities officially represent Brodhead High School.  It is because of this representation that these students have privileges and bear responsibilities, which are greater than those afforded to students not participating in co-curriculars.  This code details the expectations as they pertain to all co-curricular participation at Brodhead High School.  It is important to point out that participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege, not a right given to all.

This code incorporates the standards and guidelines for eligibility and participation established by both the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) and the Brodhead School District.

The Administration reserves the right to make policies and decisions as needed to address specific issues that arise which may not be explicitly covered in this code.


The privilege of participating in our co-curricular program is extended to all students who are willing to assume responsibilities as outlined in this handbook and those established by the advisor/coach.


A.  Your greatest responsibility is to be a credit to your parents, school and community.  Therefore, it is required that you:

        A. Display outstanding character/sportsmanship.

        B. Display proper respect for those in authority.

        C. Display a spirit of cooperation.

        D. Dress with special care whenever representing our school.

        E. Use language and act in a manner that is socially acceptable.

        F. Develop individual determination, self discipline, and learn to set goals.                                                                                 

        G. Become part of the team; learn the concept of teamwork.

        H. Develop within a sense of pride both for individual and group effort.

B. Appearance

Students representing Brodhead High School voluntarily represent the entire school and community.  For this reason, students are expected to be well groomed and present a neat appearance when they are involved as a member of co-curricular group from our school.  It is also expected that each athlete will appear for competition dressed in the uniform or required dress provided by the district and in compliance with those standards established by the coach or advisor.  Each advisor or coach may have special rules concerning dress and appearance; the students are expected to follow those.


In order to represent Brodhead High School in any co-curricular activity, a student must meet all eligibility requirements of this code and athletes are subject to all Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association by-laws, policies, and rules.  This code addresses expectations, standards and consequences regarding the following:

        A. Academic Eligibility Standards.

                A student will become scholastically ineligible if he/she receives two failures in any nine week/semester grading period or if he/she is not passing a minimum of five courses that are accepted for graduation credits.  In determining ineligibility, nine week grades will be used for the first and third quarters and semester grades will be used for the second and fourth quarters.  At the 4 1/2 week progress report date, the student cannot receive more than one "F" progress report in order to regain eligibility.  Students may regain eligibility before the 4 1/2 week progress report if the failing grade was a result of incomplete work.  The acceptance of the incomplete work is at the teacher's discretion.  Any student not regaining eligibility will be dropped from the squad/team for the remainder of the season.  A student must be in good Academic standing to start the year in Jazz Band or Show Choir, and must also be in good standing at the 4 1/2 week progress report of the 2nd quarter to remain eligible for the year.

B. Use or Possession of Tobacco Products, E-Cigarettes and/or Alcohol and Controlled Substances.

               The use or possession of any of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or/and alcohol or other controlled substances is prohibited by this code and the WIAA.  It is also a violation of this code to be in attendance at any party, location or function where these prohibited substances are being used or consumed in violation of this code or state statutes.  All infractions in this area will be dealt with by suspension from the sport or activity.  The length of the suspension is defined in the individual section pertaining to each activity in this code book.

C. School Attendance on Practice and Event Days.

        1.    Students may not compete, perform or practice on days of suspension (3 hour or more in-school or out-of-school).

        2.    A student must be in school to attend practice, compete, or perform.  If a student is not well enough to attend school they are not well enough to participate in co-curricular activities.  Students must be in school attendance by 9:00 AM and may not miss more than one period during the day in order to participate in the co-curricular activity.  Repeated problems will be dealt with by discretion of the principal or designee.  Exceptions to this are excused school trips and appointments that are approved by the principal or designee.

        3.    It is inevitable that some practices, performances, events, and games will be scheduled during school vacation times.  It is an expectation that each participating student will dedicate him/herself to their co-curricular activities and we encourage families to do their best in setting up their schedule so that their student does not miss events.

   D. Behavior or Actions Unbecoming a Person Representing Our School.

                 1.    Disruptive behavior in the school - this would consist of fighting, vandalism, stealing, extreme disrespect or other actions in which the administration deals with through suspension.  This is not to say all suspensions will result in a co-curricular code violation, but only the most serious.

                 2.     Violations of the criminal code and/or illegal acts – this would be any activities outside the school that poorly represent Brodhead High School.

                All consequences here will be the same as those in Letter B(Use or possession of tobacco products, alcohol, and controlled substances) in this section.

        E. Examination/Permit Card

A student may not participate in interscholastic athletics until the school has an examination/permit card on file in its office attesting to (a) parental permission and (b) physical fitness as determined by an authorized medical personnel.  It is also recommended that students have dental fitness as determined by a licensed dentist.

   F. Signed Co-curricular Code

                Any student participating in co-curricular activities must, along with their parents, sign the agreement to follow the code of conduct during their participation at Brodhead High School.  This must be turned in before starting an activity. This must be completed yearly beginning with the student’s first activity.

   G. Transfer Eligibility

                A student, who transfers from any school with a status of ineligibility for disciplinary or academic reasons, retains such status at Brodhead for the same period as decreed by his/her former school.  If the student transfers to Brodhead and is ineligible according to the Brodhead co-curricular code, then the student will be deemed ineligible until the student meets the requirement of this code.

    H. Advisors/Coaches Provisions

                In addition to the provisions of this code, all co-curricular participants are expected to follow rules and regulations as established by their coach, director, or advisor.  These rules will be distributed to every participant prior to the start of an activity or season.  Athletic rules and regulations must be filed by coaches with the athletic director who must approve the rules before distribution.  Co-curricular rules and regulations must be filed with the principal, who must approve the rules before distribution.  All coaches' and advisors' rules must be within the framework of this code.     

    I.  Joining a Second, Same-Season Team

                No student who is dropped from one squad for disciplinary reasons, or who quits, shall be eligible to compete in another sport for that particular season without mutual agreement of both coaches.  After the second contest has been played, NO student may move from one sport to another.  However, any student who is cut from a squad may compete in another sport during that season.

   J. Travel

                Anytime a student travels to or from an event, they need to ride to and from the event under school-approved supervision. The only exception to this is when there has been both written and verbal confirmation from the parent of the student to allow alternate transportation.  This must be done on the approved school form.

    K. Injuries

                Any student who received an injury during a co-curricular practice or event must report the injury to the coach or advisor at once.  If a student has any "special medical problems", be sure that the coach or advisor is informed in advance.  A certified trainer's service is available to Brodhead High School students.  Schedule appointments through your coach or advisor or signup sheet on this high school counter. The School District of Brodhead does not provide any type of health or accident insurance for injuries incurred by your child during or at Co-Curricular Activities.






L. Equipment

Each student is responsible for the equipment issued to him/her. Care labels should be carefully followed when washing the uniform.  This equipment must be returned in good condition at the end of the activity.  Failure to return such equipment shall result in one or several of the following:

1. The student shall be excluded from any continued involvement in other co-curriculars.

2. Awards earned by the individual shall not be presented until such equipment is returned.

3. Lost or damaged equipment must be paid for by the individual to whom it was issued.

4. An individual found to be in possession of equipment from another school shall have the equipment repossessed and disciplinary action taken which may prevent further participation.

5. An individual who knowingly continues to retain equipment shall be reported to the proper law enforcement agency.

 M. Seniors on Varsity Squads

    Seniors may compete at the varsity level only.  The only exception would be in the case of foreign exchange students.


A.  Penalties for violations of the co-curricular code shall be administered as directed by this handbook.

B. The enforcement of this code will be the primary responsibility of all advisors and

coaches.  The administration of the code will be handled by the athletic director for all

matters concerning athletics and the principal for all other activities.

C. The co-curricular code of conduct starts the first day that a student signs the

code and joins an activity and is in effect all 12 months every year.

D. Violations of the code will be cumulative during a student's high school career.

E. Reports of code violations shall be presented to the athletic director and reports for

all other activities will be presented to the principal.  Reports are not to be made to

Board members, the Superintendent, or members of the school staff.  Reports shall

document the nature, place, time and date of the violation and must be signed by the

person turning in the violation. 

 F. Violations of the code may also be enforced based on reports confirmed by law enforcement officials or self admission.  There is no timeline for reports from police referrals.

G. If a report is, in the judgement of the athletic director or principal, a valid one, the

student will be given an opportunity to discuss the charges.  If the student admits that

the charges are true, he/she will receive the consequences according to this code.  If

he/she denies the charges, the athletic director or principal will complete an

nvestigation and make a determination as to the truth within two school days.  A formal

letter will be sent to the student and his/her parents if the student is being suspended

from activities according to the code.

H.  Students who are suspended for a code violation must still practice/rehearse and

must attend all games/events unless the coach/advisor determines otherwise.


            A. Appeals may be requested by students and/or parents/guardians.  They must be directed to the principal within five (5) school/working days of the initial decision. The appeal must be in writing and must include the rationale for the appeal.

B. If the parents are not in agreement with the principal’s decision, they may appeal in writing to the Superintendent of Schools within five (5) school/working days.  The Superintendent shall review the information from the parents and the committee and communicate within five (5) school/working days, in writing, the decision to the parents.                                     

C. If the parents of the student are dissatisfied with the decision of the Superintendent, they may forward, in writing, an appeal to the President of the Board of Education.  This appeal must be made to the President of the School Board within five (5) working/school days after receiving the superintendent’s decision.  The President of the board will then place the appeal on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  After the board has heard the appeal, a decision shall be communicated to the parents in writing within five (5) working days of the hearing.

D.  The appeal process for the 3rd violation will be the same as above except that the written appeal should be sent directly to the Superintendent of Schools and then if dissatisfied, to the President of the School Board.  All times frames will remain the same as in the above paragraphs.  The School Board will, in the case of the 3rd violation, have some discretion to shorten the year suspension based on the plan in the appeal showing that the student will receive professional counseling and/or other specific steps appropriate to the situation. 

 E. Students may practice or rehearse, but are not eligible to compete or perform during the appeal process.  Five school/working day maximum limits are incorporated into the appeals process to assure the timely implementation of this policy.

F. Any deviation from this procedure, including missing the specified timelines, will result in termination of the appeal.

The School District of Brodhead does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, religion, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability or handicap or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal or state law in its education program or co-curricular activities.

Concerns regarding alleged violations of this policy shall be referred to the Principal of Brodhead High School, 2501 W Fifth Avenue, Brodhead, WI  53520.  A procedure for processing the complaint is part of this policy.


        A. Athletics

    1. First offense - the student will be suspended from 20% of the total contests in their sport.

                                       2. Second offense - the student will be suspended from 50% of the total contests in their sport. If the athlete agrees to school approved supervised counseling and 10 hours of community service the 50% would be reduced to 35%.

3. Third and subsequent offense - the student will be suspended for one calendar year from any school sports.

               4. If the violation occurs toward the end of a season and there are not enough games left to

fulfill the required percentage of the suspension not served shall be recalculated and applied toward the next sport in which the athlete participates.   Any student having a code violation during a season will forfeit the privilege of having their name submitted for any special awards (state or conference) or team honors during the season in which the code violation was committed.

                     5. SUSPENSION GUIDE

                     5. SUSPENSION GUIDE

                     SPORT           AVERAGE # OF CONTESTS   20%   35%     50%

                     Football                              9                                 2         3          5

                     Volleyball                           14                               3          5         7

                     Basketball                          20                               4          7       10

                     Wrestling                           15                               3          5         8

                     Baseball                            14                                3          5         7

                     Softball                              14                                3          5         7

                     Track                                 12                                2          4         7

                    Golf                                   12                                 2         4          6

               Cross Country                   12                                 2         4          6

                Cheerleading                   percentage of contests in which they appear.

               Equestrian Team             percentage of contests in which they appear.   

                Hockey Team               based on host school requirement.

B.  Other Areas  

This area pertains to Show Choir, Musical, School Play, Cheerleading, Forensics, FFA, Jazz Band, Class Officers and Student Council, and Youth to Youth.

1.      See Eligibility Rules III, Letters A, C thru P.