From the Superintendent's Desk

By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


Brodhead Schools Areas of Focus Update

At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year the Brodhead School Board decided to change how they set goals and developed a process to identify “Areas of Focus” for the District.  Rather than set goals, the District developed a process that will incorporate continuous improvement throughout the District.  The Board identified three Areas of Focus: student achievement, service, and people.  The area of student achievement is self-explanatory.  The area of service relates to how the District works with parents.  The area of people relates to how the District relates with its employees.  This process incorporates annual results measures, progress monitoring, and strategic actions.  The idea is to use evidence-based decision making throughout the District.

In the area of student achievement, new assessments have been instituted at the High School using the ACT program.  A new assessment program called IReady is currently being piloted at the Middle and Elementary levels.  This program may replace the current MAP assessment program being used.  All three schools have implemented Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s).  While a form of PLC’s has been used in the past, the guidelines and procedures for this process have been aligned for all three buildings with a specific focus on student learning.  Staff has also received professional development in these areas as well as literacy, technology, and the use of student data.

As far as service is concerned, a parent/guardian satisfaction survey was completed in December.  There were 824 invitations emailed and another 38 were mailed out to parents/guardians without an email address listed with the school.  There were 330 responses to the survey.  On February 14 a report will be given to the Board regarding the results of this survey.  The survey results will also be posted on the District’s website.  The District will use these results in the following years to determine priorities for the District’s Areas of Focus.  Finally, the Staff has also concentrated on making more positive telephone calls to parents/guardians with the idea of improving relationships.  The District as a whole has documented 420 calls that have been made by Staff.

Finally, in the area of people, the District is in the process of developing an employee engagement survey that will be completed with Staff this spring.  This survey will help the District understand the climate, culture, and communication of the District in regards to its employees.  The Administration will also be using a technique called “rounding” with the Staff.  Rounding is a process that questions Staff concerning their thoughts about working for the District.  Administrators have completed 70 employee rounding sessions and will continue this process throughout the year.

Overall, the District continues to work towards evidenced-based continuous improvement.  We will continue these Areas of Focus into next year with an emphasis on the information that has been received.