Jennifer Flory

Important components of a comprehensive school counseling program includes the following:  academic, career, and personal/social counseling. 

At the middle school, a strong emphasis has been placed on all three of these components enabling students to see their own value in relationship to the world around them.  Focus has been placed on each of these areas both in and out of the classroom.  During the 8th grade year, students will begin developing an Individual Learning Plan in their Careers Class which incorporates their accomplishments, interests, and career goals.  At the conclusion of this class, parents are encouraged to discus this plan with their student.

At the high school level, parents are an important part of this process in that conferencing with students is essential.  Please read carefully all mail that pertains to scheduling Individual Planning Conferences with either your freshman or junior student.  Research shows that students who have post high school plans (goals) tend to be more successful in school.  Parents are an important part of this process!  Conferences will cover the following topics:

  • Career Plans
  • Individual Strengths and Interests
  • Graduation Requirements and Credits
  • College Applications
  • Testing
  • College visits and Campus Preview Days
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships, among other topics such as what to do with the undecided student!

There are numerous links available on the high school counselor website pertaining to a variety of topics.  Go there by clicking here:  Useful Links