DeAnne Larson



Welcome to the School Psychologist's Page! 
 What do school psychologists do?
School psychologists work with a variety of people in efforts to help children. 
  • I work together with school staff when a student or group of students is having difficulties at school, such as performing poorly in an academic area, showing problematic behaviors, or struggling from emotional issues.
    • I help consider what we already know about a student (teacher and parent input, classroom grades, results of district and state testing)
    • I help determine whether additional information is needed in order to understand a child or group of childrens’ needs
    • We work together to understand the nature of the problem and develop a plan for how to help a student(s). 
  • I consult with parents when they have questions or concerns about how their child is performing in school. 
  • I collaborate with students' outside mental health providers when a student has a team of people from different settings who are working together to help.
 School Psychologists work directly with students or groups of students on skill areas including social skills, anger management, stress management, and other areas of mental health and/or academic performance. 
School Psychologists help with evaluations for special programming.
o        Special education
o        504 accommodations
o        Gifted and Talented          
Who I serve: I am available to all students in the Brodhead School District. Teachers or families who have concerns with a students’ educational, emotional, behavioral, or social performance are welcome to contact me with questions.  I am happy to help!


Beyond In-School Mental Health Supports, Who Can Help?
Area Mental Health Service Providers
Green County Human Services (Monroe, WI)
Outpatient Mental Health Services
Fees based on family income (sliding scale)
(608) 328-9383 (services-mental health unit)
Mercy Options (Janesville, WI)
Child and Adolescent Day Treatment
Vickie Baumel, Clinical Therapist
Have options available for families without insurance
(608) 741-2117 (physicians/allied health-specialty-psychology (counseling) or (child and adolescent)
Mercy Options
Comprehensive Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services
(800) 341-1450
(see website above)

The Monroe Clinic (Monroe and Brodhead, WI)
Behavioral Health Services (Outpatient)
(608) 324-2321 (find a physician-specialty-behavioral health)
Genesis Counseling Services (Janesville, WI)
Comprehensive Mental Health Services
(608) 757-0404 (our staff)
Crossroads Counseling
Comprehensive Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services
Child and Adolescent Day Treatment
(608) 755-5270
( (therapists)
Briarpatch (Madison, WI)
Support Groups for adolescents
1-800-798-1126 (programs-CHOICES)
Catholic Social Services
(608) 256-2358
Lutheran Social Services