Dan Rueckert

Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies. The first part of the school year is dedicated to learning about Civics. We start out in September covering Citizenship, and Government in a Democracy as well as where our Democracy came from. In October we learn about the Constitution while preparing for our journey to Washington D.C. November has us working on the Washington D.C. projects and learning about the Bill of Rights. In December, we are learning how Congress is organized and how a bill becomes a law. In January, we learn about the executive branch and the Presidency. February finds us exploring the Judicial branch and examining important landmark Supreme Court decisions. In March we finish up Civics by learning how our state government is organized. Also in March, we begin a unit on Psychology, that will run into April. After Psychology, we look at Sociology, and finish the year out in Economics.  



Classroom Expectations

My expectations for students involve 2 areas: Repect and Responsibility.

I expect that all of my students will respect others. This includes conducting themselves in a manner where they will not be touching other student's property without permission, as well as respecting others by not insulting each other.

I expect that all of my students will be responsible and complete their assignments, on time and on their own (unless working in a group setting.) 

We will cover both of these areas in-depth the first week of school when classroom procedures will be discussed and implemented.

My grading scale:

A 100% - 90%

B 89% - 80%

C 79% - 70%

D 69% - 60%

Washington D.C. Trip

Photos from last years D.C. trip can be found under the Activities link on the left hand side of the page.  After selecting activities, select the Washington D.C. page, and then underneath the title choose Photos.