Tiffany Shelton

The Art Room Recycles!

  Albrecht Elementary School orders many new and fun materials every year for our students to use in Art Class and throughout their classrooms. There are also items that we can take off your hands that you may otherwise throw away, and use them in our projects too. This teaches children that you do not always have to purchase new materials to create!

I want to THANK EVERYONE in the past who has donated materials to our art room that we can recycle and use in art projects! Please only bring in or send with your child the things you see below, or give me a call/email if you feel you have found something that will make a great addition to our curriculum! Remember, this is only if you no longer have a use for these things, it is not a requirement.


Old Jewelry
Discarded CDs
39oz Coffee Cans with Lids
42oz Oatmeal Containers with Lids
Metal Frozen Juice Lids
Miscellaneous Art Materials
Old Standard Light Bulbs
            Unwanted Paper                                                                                         Paper Towel Tubes                                                                               Toilet Paper Tubes

How to Get Rid of Those Art Stains!

Acrylic Paint

We don't use this very often in elementary art.

Flush with warm water. Launder immediately. For hardened paint, moisten with rubbing alcohol. Brush stain loose; rinse; launder.

Tempera Paint

Watercolor Paint

Water Based Block Ink

 Soak the spot in cold water. Hand scrub with bar soap, hand soap, or soap flakes - DO NOT use detergent. Work area with hands. Wash as usual.
Finger Paint  Let paint dry. Brush dried paint from fabric with any small clothes brush. Soak spot in cold water. Hand scrub with bar soap. Work area with hands. Wash as usual.
Clay  Allow the clay to dry. Brush dried clay from fabric with small brush. Wash in usual manner.
Crayon  Put between two paper towels and press with a warm iron. Apply dry-cleaning solvent.
Ink  Soak spot in small amount of milk. Hand scrub. Wash in usual manner.

India Ink

Permanent Marker

 These materials contain varnish and require a solvent. Turpentine may work, but these materials may never be entirely removed.
Plaster  Brush garment with clothes brush to remove most of the plaster. Wash as usual.
Glue and Paste  Soak in warm water or boil if necessary. Wash as usual.