Operations: Transportation


Student Capacity
One student per seat (students from the same household may sit together when possible)
Sit at window to provide 6 feet of separation

Health and Safety
Buses will be disinfected following each route with special attention to high touch areas

Face Coverings
Student face coverings will be required Drop Off/Pick Up Zones

Students with Special Needs
IEP driven accommodations in review with a commitment to finding solutions for all families

Self or Parent Transport
All families are encouraged to provide transportation for their own students if possible and must be prepared to identify their transportation plan at registration.  Bussing will be available for most resident families.  Middle School and High School students who live within 2 miles of the school may be asked to self-transport (walk, bike, or drive).  Students with transportation in their IEPs will continue to have transportation as stated.
Drop Off/Pick Up Zones
Drop-off / pick-up zones, times, and protocols may need to be modified.  It is important that you have plans to pick your child up within a 15-minute window at the end of day.
The specifics of these plans will be communicated separately by building principals as we approach the start of school.