Instructional Model: Blended


Split Grade Instruction Models
Used to reduce number of students in the schools
Grades 4K-5 will continue traditional classroom learning
Grades 6-12 will follow an alternating day schedule

Monday, Thursday: [Grades 6-12] Cohort A attends class; Cohort B streamed / recorded learning
Tuesday, Friday: [Grades 6-12] Cohort B attends class; Cohort A, streamed / recorded learning
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: [Grades 4K-5] Traditional learning
Wednesday: [Grades 4K-12] All student at-home learning day; Teacher prep day with office hours

Devices and Access
6-12 grade students use District device if available; home internet access becomes vital for all students


Ongoing and systematic communication to staff and families
May require additional resources to support work and systems

Students will be graded using the traditional grading system established by each building
Early Identification
Teachers and schools to quickly identify students struggling to engage

Moving Between Models
Models may need to be moved between based on positive COVID-19 cases within the community or individual schools with a preference for traditional classroom learning in a safe and healthy environment