Food Service

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Summer Food Service Program :

Are you worried about how you are going to feed your kids this summer when school is out? Call the National Hunger Hotline at 1‐866‐3‐HUNGRY to see if there is a USDA Summer Meals Site near you, where your kids can eat for free. Call the National Hunger Hotline at 1‐866‐3‐HUNGRY. That's 1‐866‐348‐6479.

(Spanish) El verano no debería ser época para que nuestros hijos pasen hambre. El Programa de Comidas de Verano del Departamento de Agricultura ofrece comidas nutritivas y gratis a niños de bajos recursos durante todo el verano. Llame a la Línea Nacional de Hambre para ver si hay un Programa de Verano cerca de Usted donde sus hijos podrán comer gratis. Llame el 1-877-8HAMBRE. 1-877-842-6273.

Food Service

The kitchen staff in all three buildings do an excellent job of preparing great nutritional meals according to government guidelines. They also order ingredients, document temperatures, collect money, and credit student accounts. Each student has their own account so families can decide how much money goes in to each student's account.

Since many grants and school aid programs are related to family income, we strongly encourage families to fill out a free/reduced lunch form. Just because you fill out a form it does not mean you are obligated to have your children take free or reduced lunch. However, should parents chose to take advantage of free or reduced lunches, our computerized system does not display the fact that a student's lunch was free, reduced, or full price. A free/reduced lunch form can be filled out any time during the year.

Albrecht Elementary Food Service Program

Students can submit money to the elementary kitchen by 8:15 AM each day. Lunch costs $3.05, Breakfast costs $1.80 and is available from 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM.

Julie and Donna are in charge of making delicious food for students and even make a treat every month!

Middle School Food Service Program

Students may deposit money in their food service accounts by filling out envelopes in the middle school office between 7:50 AM and 10:15 AM. Mrs. Petersen then retrieves the envelopes and credits student accounts each day. Middle school lunch costs $3.10 and an ala carte breakfast is available each day.

High School Food Service Program

Students can deposit money to their lunch accounts between any time during the school day. Lunch costs $3.15 and an ala carte breakfast and lunch are also available.

We serve great food and take great pride in the fact that it is appreciated by students and staff!