Superintendent Update


Hello Brodhead Cardinal Families:

I want to start off by thanking our parents, staff, and students for your help and support as we finish our first week using our new COVID-19 Mitigation Plan. As of now we require masks in our Elementary School and our Middle School with masks being recommended, but optional, at our High School. -LINK TO PLAN-

Our Administrative staff worked with the School Board to come up with a plan that would allow our students to remain in our schools to the best of our ability and still allow for instruction as close to normal as possible. Requiring masks in the Elementary and Middle Schools provides us with the ability to utilize carpet time for our youngest students, provide small group instruction, and switch classrooms for our intervention times. Wearing a mask throughout a school day is far from pleasant, but I feel providing quality and individualized instruction makes wearing masks worth it.

Simply put, not masking our students in our current delivery model would make contact tracing extremely difficult and would force a large amount of quarantining due to close contacts, which would send our unvaccinated students home for at least ten days for each event. We understand how that would negatively affect families as this would create issues with childcare. This is another reason why we put our Mitigation Plan in place.

As a reminder, our Plan uses metrics based on COVID-19 cases in our 53520 zip code and the percentage of quarantined and close contact students (affected students) in our schools. We moved into PLAN YELLOW for this week because the COVID-19 cases in our zip code were at a level that triggered that Plan. The Board-approved Plan requires masks in grades PK-8 if cases increase to above 7. Cases in our zip code were at 11 on Friday, which is considered “High Transmission”.

The process going forward includes the following:

• A “snapshot” will be done every Friday to check the total confirmed COVID-19 cases reported within our zip code over the last 7 days. GREEN <7, YELLOW 7-13, RED >13. Case numbers are posted at 2:00 p.m. daily and will be reported before the end of the school day each Friday. The Plan also considers the number of affected staff and students in each school.
• Two weeks in a row with zip code or building data at a lower level are needed to trigger a change to that level.
• If a snapshot on Friday indicates a higher-level transmission with either metric, that triggers a shift to a higher risk level the following Monday.

Please continue to monitor your children each morning for the symptoms listed in our Plan. Keeping kids home with these symptoms is another important mitigation to help reduce spread.

Updated COVID-19 Statistics:
# of staff COVID positive - 0
# of staff in Quarantine - 0
# of students COVID positive - 4
# of students in Quarantine - 13
Totals - 17

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (608) 897-2141 or by email at As always, thank you for your support and understanding.



David Novy