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By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


Brodhead Schools Improve Communication and Branding Through Social Media
The School District of Brodhead started a movement last year and has continued this focus into the new school year.  This year’s opening day speaker, Joe Sanfelippo, presented information about using social media to help tell the story of your District.  He also shared other ideas that will help advertise what we are doing and who we are as a District.  We have chosen to use many of these ideas to help us increase our communication with our parents as well as the community.  Our ultimate goal is to tell the story of what being a Brodhead Cardinal is all about.
Our District is dedicated to sharing the exciting activities that our students participate in with our parents as well as the community.   Last year we started a Facebook page, which can be found on our school website,  We post numerous pictures and stories on our Facebook page about activities in our schools on a daily basis.  If you have not, we encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook.  We also ran a competition that resulted in a new slogan for our District, “Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow”.  This new slogan has been placed on all new materials that come from our District and we will continue to use it to help brand our school.  We also created a video, which can be found on our District website, that helps tell the story, “We Are Cardinals”.  This video is a collection of the different organizations and activities that are celebrated in our schools.  It demonstrates the pride that we have in being a Brodhead Cardinal.
As mentioned earlier, we are also engaging in a number of new ideas from our speaker this year.  Our October in-service will be dedicated to Technology and the uses of social media.  Our staff will be learning more about Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other programs that can be used to enhance communication and instruction.  One of the messages that the speaker gave was to try and reach the students, parents, community where they live, cell phones or the internet.  Our District will soon be adding Twitter as a resource to reach people as well as expanding the uses of these other programs.  We will also be re-designing our District web page to include our slogan as well as demonstrate Cardinal Pride.  The District will also be incorporating spirit items like pens/pencils, posters, rugs, window signs, banners, clothing, and awards that will help us celebrate being a Brodhead Cardinal.    We are proud that “We Are Cardinals” and we want to share our story with you.

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