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By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


Brodhead School Staff Receives Casualty Training
The Brodhead School District staff received casualty care training at their February 26th In-service.  The training was delivered by Brian Raupp (Brodhead Police) and Derrick Pinnow (Brodhead Fire and EMS).  There were numerous other trainers from the Police, Fire and EMS services that took part in this training.  The school staff learned how to deal with many different types of situations and how to address wounds that may occur in these situations.
Thanks to the Police, Fire and EMS, each classroom in the Brodhead Schools will receive a first aid kit that can be used to save lives in these critical situations.  It only takes minutes to save a person’s life.  With this training the school staff will be able to play a vital role in responding appropriately to these situations.
This training was delivered by a joint effort from the Police, Fire and EMS and was the first of its kind for school personnel.  The School District has been working with the Police Department in regards to school safety.  Part of Brodhead School District’s Strategic Plan includes multiple training opportunities that cover a multitude of school safety areas.  The District has reviewed its crisis plans, has held numerous training sessions, will continue to provide more training opportunities, and will be addressing facilities improvements.  All of these measures are an effort to be as prepared as we can possibly be for a crisis situation.  The School District wishes to extend their thanks to all of the trainers involved, especially Brian Raupp and Derrick Pinnow.
For further information about the training or Mercy Classroom Casualty Care you can visit: or




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