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By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


Brodhead School District Focuses on Curriculum Goal
The new school year for teachers started with a renewed focus on curriculum.  One of the goals that were adopted by the Brodhead School Board was focused on curriculum.  The School District of Brodhead sponsored a guest speaker that addressed curriculum and Response to Interventions (RTI).  The opening day in-service was just the beginning of a year-long emphasis on curriculum improvements in the Brodhead schools.  Brodhead, Albany, Juda, and Monticello all came together on the first day of school to listen to Pat Quinn, a renowned author, speak in regards to curriculum and instruction.  This in-service was one of the many ways that the school districts in Green County are trying to work together to share resources and save money.
Pat Quinn is known nationwide for his work with RTI and curriculum in general.  The Brodhead schools will be using his book and expertise throughout the school year.  Parts of school staff meetings and in-services will be dedicated to studying the techniques and methods described in this book as well as putting them into action.  The administrative staff as well as the teachers will be studying and using these methods to improve instruction and strengthen the District curriculum.
Another area that will be addressed is curriculum organization.  The School District currently uses a software program called Eclipse for its curriculum management.  Teachers have used time during previous in-services to enter their curriculum and will be working to complete that project by the end of this school year.  The District is able to use the management system to map what is being taught and when.  This will allow us to identify any gaps in our curriculum and make sure that we are covering the required standards that are supposed to be taught.  Another nice feature of this program is that parents can look at the curriculum for each class that their student is enrolled in.  Once all of the information is in the system, there will be a link on the school web page for anyone who wishes to view this information.
Along with the Eclipse software, the District will also be using the Educlimber program.  This program stores all of the student data from various assessments.  Teachers will be able to use this system to identify weaknesses in the curriculum as well as areas of concern with individual students.  All three schools in the district now have intervention systems in place and this program will help identify the areas that teachers can work on with students.  This information will also allow us to measure growth over time.  Achievement gaps will be identified sooner which will allow staff to catch students before they fall through the cracks.

There will be other enhancements made by the District to help improve curriculum and instruction throughout the school year, but these three items are the start of our work to achieve the District’s identified curriculum goal.  Our continued efforts with these three items, as well as other possible additional strategies, will place a new importance on our work to improve and enhance our curriculum.

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