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By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


Brodhead Schools are Off and Running
Hard to believe but the first month of the school year is already in the books.  We are off to a good start and the students and staff have gotten right back in the groove.  Like last year, the School District of Brodhead will continue to update the community on the District Goals as well as other activities.  The District set two goals for the 2014-15 school year.  The first one, “Update and formalize a multiyear Strategic Plan in the areas of Technology, Facilities, School Safety, Curriculum, and Finance”, is already under way.  Our Technology and Facility committees have already completed their plans.  The Finance committee has started looking at other examples of plans and will be working on theirs at the October 8 meeting.  The District is in the process of setting up committees to work on the areas of School Safety and Curriculum.  This Strategic Plan has involved numerous people and will be the driving force for the District over the next three to five years.  The community will be able to view this plan on the school website once it is completed.
The second goal, “Enhance communication and collaboration with the community and staff regarding the topics of Educator Effectiveness, Smarter Balanced testing, and Common Core State Standards”, will be on-going throughout the school year.  You may remember articles concerning these State initiatives last year.  We will continue to provide information so that parents, community members and staff are aware and knowledgeable about the changes that are taking place.  A few weeks back, there was an article discussing the Common Core State Standards.  This was just a brief article and there will be another one coming out soon that will help people understand these standards and how we use them in our schools.
You may also remember articles about Educator Effectiveness last year.  This is a new State model for the evaluation of teachers/principals.  The District spent the last year preparing for full implementation this year.  This new model consists of many steps in the process.  The teachers will start with self evaluations and writing student learning outcomes, (SLO’s).  The teachers will also write professional practice goals, (PPG’s).  Throughout the year the teachers/principals will be observed and rated using this model.  All information must be entered into the electronic date collections system, (Teachscape).  Like other areas of accountability, the State will have access to these evaluations.  Around the middle of the year as well as the end of the year, these SLO’s and PPG’s will be checked on for progress. 
There will also be information coming out about Smarter Balanced Testing.  This is another State mandate and has already started in some of the schools.  These new tests are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and are designed to monitor the progress of the students.  This new system is intended to provide information faster and stress student growth rather than a onetime snap shot.  These tests have replaced some of the old tests and will be occurring throughout the school year.  Information regarding these State initiatives can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.
The School District of Brodhead will continue to try and engage the community concerning school activities.  The Board held a Public meeting on September 22 and will be looking at other methods to access the community’s feelings regarding school issues.  The Board is interested in feedback regarding the growing issues with our Middle School building and any other areas of concern.  Please feel free to contact them or Superintendent Lenny Lueck at 897-2141.

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