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By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


Brodhead School District to Address Middle School Roof Issue
The Brodhead Board of Education has been investigating options concerning the Middle School roof issues.  Towards the end of December it was discovered that the Middle School roof was leaking into the office area.  A company was called in to determine where the leak was coming from and solutions to the problem.  While doing their search, the company found that there were areas of moisture, wet insulation, water damage to wood structure, and mold in some areas.  The main reason for this was poor ventilation in the attic area.  It was originally thought the area over the office was the main issue, but after doing further inspection, it was determined that there was moisture in the majority of the angled roofing portions of the building.
Since there was mold found, an Environmental Specialist was called in to do more research and air quality testing.  The specialist found that the air quality was good.  He also stated that since it was an uninhabited area, it was not an immediate concern to the students and staff.  He added that since there was a solid barrier between the occupants and the attic, the old flat roof air quality at this time would not be a concern.  He did note that something would have to be done to rectify the problem or the issues would continue to get worse.  All Middle School parents were alerted of this situation.
A few months ago the School Board held a Public Meeting to discuss the future of the Middle School.  At that time the discussion centered on the possible issues at the Middle School that would need to be addressed in the near future.  The situation with the Middle School roof has moved that process up faster than planned.   The Board is now faced with a decision that must be made soon.  The people in attendance at the last public meeting supported keeping the Middle School open and fixing things as need be.  We had hoped that we would not have to address any issues for a few years, but that plan did not work out.
The Board is currently looking at different options for repairing/replacing the Middle School roof.  It is considering the scope of work, timing, and how to finance the project.  There will be a Public Meeting at the Brodhead Public Library on Monday, February 23 at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting will address this issue as well as other issues with the Middle School.  It will also look at the scope of the project and how to pay for it.  The Board is hoping that there will be a high number of people in attendance at this meeting.  The Board wants to hear from the public and follow through with a plan that the community feels is the best for our students.  The Board has also placed a Request for Proposals [RFP] in the newspapers.  This does not mean they have made a decision; the notice is required by Statute if the Board does decide to follow that path.  Any questions can be directed to Superintendent Lenny Lueck at 608-897-2141.

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