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By Superintendent Leonard P. Lueck


 School District of Brodhead Completes Strategic Plan

One of the goals that was established by the Brodhead School Board for the 2014-15 School year was to create a three to five year Strategic Plan for the District.  Committees were established to develop plans for the areas of Buildings and Grounds, Curriculum, Finance, School Safety, and Technology.  Each of these committees wrote a mission statement and identified main goals that would be accomplished.  These goals had numerous objectives/activities that the District will strive to accomplish over the next three to five years.  While the following information will summarize each area, the entire Strategic Plan can be found on the District’s web page.
The area of Buildings and Grounds identified a number of facility projects that they would like to see addressed over the next three to five years.  Several of the projects were put on hold until the Board decided what to do with the Middle School building.  As fate would have it, the Middle School roof became a problem before the plan could be put into place.  The Board had to place fixing the Middle School roof at the front of its priority list and move some of the other items back.  Other projects that are set for the first year are removing the remaining asbestos tiles at the Elementary School and adding door lock monitoring systems to each building.
The area of Curriculum established two major goals.  The first goal is to provide differentiated instruction and pathways so that all students are successful.  The second goal is to increase knowledge and skill sets of staff to meet the increasing educational demands related to the Common Core, Smarter Balanced Assessments, and the 21st Century learner.  This committee identified several activities related to these two goals.  A couple of the major activities center on intervention systems and monitoring student growth.
The area of Finance remains one of the most difficult topics to set plans for.  The District is currently in a three year referendum for its operational budget.  This will end after the 2015-16 school year.  As projected, the District will continue to fall short of the revenues required to offer the same level of educational opportunities currently being provided.  The first goal that the committee chose is to create and implement a plan that will address future shortages in the budget.  The second goal is to investigate methods to reduce or eliminate the unfunded liability of the District.  The final goal is to explore the idea of setting up an Educational Foundation.
The area of School Safety identified three goal topics; climate and identification, facilities, and training/professional development.  This area has already completed several of its objectives and activities.  School Safety is an area that many schools have been concentrating on and Brodhead is no different.  As you may have read in previous newspaper articles, Brodhead has completed trauma, non-violent crisis and suicide prevention trainings already.  The next priorities the committee will work on are behavioral intervention systems, threat analysis, installing a new door lock monitoring system, and student/staff preparedness.
Technology is the final area of the Strategic Plan.  While it is the last area of the plan, alphabetically, it was the first area that was addressed and completed.  The School District of Brodhead has been working to address this area for awhile and continues to develop its resources as well as capabilities.  The committee identified three goals for the Strategic Plan.  The first goal is that students will have access to a standards-based technology education, which supports the 21st Century Student Outcomes.  The second goal is educators will utilize technology tools to enhance their lessons, which will support effective learning and teaching practices.  The final goal is all students and staff will have access and support of the technology and learning needed to sustain the 21st Century Outcomes.
This article addresses the major parts of the School District of Brodhead Strategic Plan.  Again, the entire plan can be found on the District’s web page,

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