Stephanie Hurt

 Our first novel, The Pigman by Paul Zindel, is a story of an unlikely friendship between two sophomore students, John and Lorraine, and a lonesome elderly man, Mr. Pignati.  

 During our Short Story Unit, we read many stories including "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry. It is a tale of a young couple who sell their most prized possessions, her hair and his pocket watch, to buy each other special Christmas gifts. 

The famous story of Helen Keller, the deaf blind girl who learned to communicate, was adapted into a play by William Gibson.  English 9 students read this play, participated in literature circles to discuss important scenes and make connections, and learned something about the triumph of the human spirit.

During our Non-fiction Unit, we read a variety of persuasive, descriptive, and reflective essays, as well as book reviews and book jackets.  When we read "Georgia O'Keeffe," a biographical essay by Joan Didion, we also studied several of the artist's paintings to determine whether her artistic style was related to her character.  This O'Keeffe painting is called "The Lawrence Tree." 

Any English 9 student will tell you that reading a work of William Shakespeare is very challenging.  They did a great job and I know they feel very accomplished for conquering their very first Shakespeare play.  "Romeo and Juliet" provided many interesting discussions and project ideas.